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There are (literally) over 7,000 different types of marketing tools available and an endless amount of resources online.

Below is a list of tools and resources which I use and can help get you started on your next marketing project or improve your own skills.

Check them out and see which ones might be beneficial. Note some links may contain affiliate codes to partners.

DreamHost (Hosting Provider)

I have been a DreamHost customer since 2006 and have never had an issue with any website projects. They offer everything from starter packages, optimizations for wordpress, and even dedicated servers. You can also get $50 off by clicking here.

Shift (Apps & Email Client)

Single sign on has it perks but if you are tired of managing multiple accounts amongst different browser tabs, then you need to get Shift. It helps manage all of your accounts under one interface so you no longer have to jump in and out of Google accounts or apps. GAME CHANGER.

Google Drive (File Sharing)

File sharing doesn’t have to be a pain in the ass. Receiving a file from your agency or business partner shouldn’t require you to download and re-upload into your internal systems. Simplify that entire process by using Google Drive. (Side story: Back in 2012 before Google Drive, I once had to download and re-upload over 3,000 files as part of a product campaign launch. Talk about a headache.)

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QuickBooks SE (Accounting)

Unless you’re an accountant professionally, no-one likes to do paperwork. Thankfully QuickBooks Self Employed makes this work easy for you by automatically tracking transactions, mileage, estimated taxes, invoicing, and reporting all in one application. Super easy to use and not as complex as the regular version of QuickBooks (I started with the regular version of QB but the self employed version was lighter and much easier to use).