Do You Want More Customers?

The short answer is, of course!

Who in their right mind would argue they have enough customers? Especially if it’s on a rainy day.

The real question is… how do you get more customers?

The internet is full of different opinions of which sales and marketing strategies or tactics work better than others. So the real question becomes, where do you even start and what do you focus on?

Let’s start with customer personas.

  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • Do you understand their needs and wants?
  • Does your current product or solution meet those desires or pain points?
  • How are you communicating with them and what content are you producing that resonates with their lives?

If you answered “I don’t know” to any of these, you’re in the right place to help you get started.

Facebook has over 52,000 data points with multiple artificial intelligence algorithms interpreting your customers’ demographics, interests, and behaviors.

The reality is that you will never be able to leverage all of the data points for your ideal customer because, as marketers, neither you or I have the bandwidth or marketing budget to execute against it all. It’s almost impossible.

But you don’t need all of the data in the world to generate amazing results and I’ve proven how to do that myself through my own effective strategies and tactics.

Check out the screenshots below from one campaign example with Western Digital and the business results (2012 to 2015) displaying their tremendous growth (a $300 Million yearly profit) after executing the recommended marketing strategies globally. 

That’s over 175% growth in just 3-years in both saturated and mature markets!

If you think that’s impressive, let’s check out HP Inc as well. One example of campaign creative as well as the results.

The global teams at HP shattered company records with over 1.5 million units sold of HP Sprocket within the first year, which also helped towards growth of the print category revenue by $2 Billion. And even better, the mobile app strategy which was executed also saw 17 million in-app engagements with an amazing 80% engagement rate with customers and a net-promoter score of 60!

Not many marketers can demonstrate this type of growth with their strategies and campaigns and as you can see from the screenshots above, I know my stuff. 

It all boils down to understanding your ideal customer, how your product or service solves their problem, and how it is differentiated in the market. And I’ve been able to do the same for different brands of various sizes. 

It’s the main reason why I’ve been able to work with brands such as:


“If creating emotional connections with customers is your objective, then Jason is your guy to get it done. He helped launch a new category for HP, where marketing experience and a growth mindset were needed most.”

Melissa Grace,  Marketing @ HP Inc.






“Jason would be an incredible asset for any Company looking to Bring great Technology to life in Campaigns that speak to a Broader Consumer target. A genuine combination of knowledge, talent and passion that is always a pleasure to work with.”

Alan Hunter, CEO @ Petrol Advertising


“Jason understands the need to balance both creativity and the key messages and elements that would make a campaign successful in the different regions.​”

Shirley Koh,  Channel Marketing @ Western Digital


“Jason’s ability to understand complex customer needs, the rapidly changing market and the competitive landscape in crafting strategic solutions was very impressive to me.”

Doron Gura, Director @ R/GA


“His follow-up was consistent and the solutions he produced always were well received by the clients. I would recommend Jason for any role that dealt with customers in a highly fluid environment with many varying degrees of complexity.”

Jason Carriere, Sales @ CBS Interactive


“Jason’s tenacity, dedication, and commitment to delivering successful campaigns that exceed expectations truly sets him apart from his peers.”

Dan Jaugey, Business Development @ Petrol Advertising


I like to focus on my core strengths around brand strategy and product marketing, but ultimately the goal is to generate more customers and sales.

If you would like to work with me and grow your business like the examples demonstrated above, please fill out the questionnaire and tell me about your business so that I may better understand what you do, what you sell, and your current pain points in your marketing mix. Please submit as much detail as possible regarding the state of your business, current marketing programs, marketing spend, etc.

Thank you for your time!